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Today, Live Like a Kid

I think as adults we stress over things that given enough time, tend to work themselves out. Kids, focus on the here and now, not worrying too much about the “what if’s”. They don’t put the same demands on themselves. Today, I am choosing to live like a kid.

I Got Slimed at the Nickelodeon Hotel

IT’S THE BEST DAY EVER… That’s right. I did it. I got slimed at the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, FL. It was awesome. Everyday, they have two “mass slimings” at the lagoon pool. Check it out.

The ISafe Bag, Mobile Personal Security

For anybody who knows me, I tend to be the person who always plays the devil’s advocate. I tell it like it is, and look for potential pitfalls as well as the optimistic bright side. In saying this, I want to tell you about this really cool bag called the ISafe bag. It is a bag that has a ripcord activated personal security alarm and strobe built right in. Genius!

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