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Zombies, martial arts and music…oh my!

I have a really cool opportunity of speaking with an up and coming French actor/martial artist/musician named Alan Delabie.

Short Animated Interview with Film Maker Chris Power and Actor Anthony Alviano

Enjoy this short animation of my interview with Long Pigs film maker Chris Power, and actor, Anthony Alviano.

Dara…On TV

Just announcing my new You tube channel DaraOnTV.

Root Candles Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

I love candles. They are the easiest way to change the mood in your home.  Fragrances can uplift, mellow and inspire.  The glow is relaxing, romantic and instantly create “atmosphere” in any home.  I especially love Root Candles.  They are pure, natural candles that burn cleanly and self extinguish when it’s at the end of […]

Music, Test Scores and my Anti-Bullying Campaign

Let’s go back, way back…it’s been proven that children who study music score better on math, science and spacial relations tests. Music and the arts are being cut down and even cut out of school programs. When I was a kid, we were required to study music, be it chorus, band or general music.

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