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Tis the Season to Mellow Out With Philippo Franchini

Well, if you are in the need to mellow out, give a listen. I had the opportunity to interview Philippo Franchini, a world renowned musician/composer who is a pioneer in bringing Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, to western cultures. He is also a Yogi with a bit of rock star mixed in.

French Actor, Alan Delabie, Wants his American Dream

I had the opportunity to speak with French actor, martial artist, musician Alan Delabie. Alan was very charismatic and fun to talk to. He is an actor who has something for everybody.

Shooting the Sh*t with the Founder of the World Toilet Organization

That’s right, I said it.  No, not sh*t…TOILET. Believe it or not, there is a toilet crisis going on in the world.  Millions of people are living without toilets, or any means of sanitation.  In many cultures, talking about toilets and the use thereof, is almost taboo.  People are doing their business outside because for […]

No Bullying Policy According to my 7 Year Old Daughter

My daughter stood up to bullies!!!!! I am a proud mama, and here is the story. My daughter is in the 2nd grade.  There are 7 girls in her class, one of whom is new this year.  5 of the girls were being mean to the new girl-ignoring her and teasing her. My daughter is […]

Animated Interview Segment With Wendy Moore

I had the opportunity to interview Wendy Moore.  She is an author of two books:  “Into the Void with Ace Frehley” and “Out of the Void”.  In her books, and during our interview, she spoke very candidly about her life in the fast lane while she was with Ace. If you like reading and hearing […]

Season 2 Dara…On Radio; the Voice of What’s Cool, New and Exciting

It is finally here.  Season 2 of Dara…On Radio. The line up is getting rolling with Jack Sim, Founder of the World Toilet Organization.   That’s right, the World Toilet Organization.  Believe it or not, clean water is not one of the only crises among poor nations of the world.  Sanitation, hygiene and…lack of toilet facilities […]

Do You Know What Your Dreams Mean? Ask Kelly.

I got to discuss one of my childhood dreams with Kelly. Check out this animated interview segment to hear all about it.

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