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Walking Through Illusion with Betsy Otter Thompson

What a great time I had chatting with author Betsy Otter Thompson. She wrote a book called “Walking Through Illusion”. I read this book and I must say, it is life changing and assists the reader in reflecting on his or her own life.

Expose Yourself; Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

Do you promote yourself and what you do everyday? Well, here’s another chance to show what you do.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done for promotion?

Promote yourself is a place where you can let the world know what you do and…well, promote yourself. So, what is the strangest thing you’ve done to promote yourself? Let me know in the comments section. Feel free to add links, pics and video. Please, just keep it clean.

Free Promotion for You or Your Business

I have launched a Dara On Radio fan page on Facebook. clicking on the picture will take you to the fan page To celebrate this launch I want to have some fun while doing my share to help promote YOU!  So, here’s the fun part.  I am having a contest and the winner, well, wins […]

Attention ALL High Achieving Women

ATTENTION ALL HIGH ACHIEVING WOMEN, MOMS AND MOM-ENTREPRENEURS! I chatted with author and pschologist Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter.  After working with many women and being inspired by her friend, Sherrie wrote “High Octane Women, How SuperAchievers can Avoid Burnout”. Being a mother, wife, business owner and a few other things I manage to be in […]

Happy Birthday to my Friend Philippo Franchini

I had the unique opportunity to interview Philippo Franchini. It was a great experience speaking with him musician to musician while at the same time learning about Nada Yoga. I got to “wear my morning mellow” while we chatted.  He truly is a Rock and Roll Yogi! Magic & Grace was informed by Franchini’s studies […]

Stranger Awareness and Women’s Self Defense with Jay Charness

SELF DEFENSE FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN Attention all women and people with children.  You must listen to this interview! Being a woman of only 5 feet in stature, I was very interested in speaking with Jay Charness, Creator of A.P.E., Avoid Predators Everyday.  His program specializes in: “teaching kids and adults about stranger awareness and […]

Chase Away the Winter Blues With This Animated Interview Segment Featuring Doug Jack

It’s been a long, cold winter so far.   The coldest and snowiest on record in a long time.  So, what to do to add a little warmth, heat and electricity?  Check out this animated interview with Doug Jack. Click the picture and it will take you to the you tube  video segment

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