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Blog Talk Radio Interview with Musician/Composer Richard X. Heyman

Speaking to musician/composer, Richard Heyman, brought me back to my New York roots.  His new release Tiers/And Other Stories is a collection of music that tells his story, about life, love and other “musings”. He composes using so many different musical styles and his singing voice is very sweet and easy to listen to.  I […]

Learning with Rosetta Stone

I am so excited about learning German using Rosetta Stone.  I’ve heard about the program for years and now I have the opportunity to take Rosetta Stone’s language immersion program for a test drive. I am having so much fun!!!  It’s not like we had to learn language back in school, with a book and […]

Rapper, Trent G, Rhymes for “the Big Man Upstairs”.

I spoke with Chicago rapper and hip hop artist Trent G.  The G stand for God.  This was a guy that started on the streets, living the life that was not on the right path.  As Trent got older, he rapped fiction influenced real-life facts. He ran with a bad crowd, attempting robberies, gang banging, […]

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Hip Hop Artist, Troubled E

Don’t let the name fool you, Evan, also know as Troubled E is troubled because he is a do-gooder. What a fun interview.  South Florida hip hop artist, Troubled E, found music to keep him on the “straight and narrow”    This amazing rap artist really  wants to make the world a better place.  He’s very […]

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Actress Natasha Sattler

Life is fun and I love trying new things.  In addition to the audio podcasts, I am new hosting a new show on, as part of a great group of ladies I work with called 411 Voices, My first guest on blogtalk was actress, Natasha Sattler.  She has been on tv, film and […]

Interview with Jay Charness, author of “Get It! Wake Up (NOW!) to Build Your Perfect Life”

I got to speak again with Jay Charness, developer of stranger awareness programs for women and children. He’s taken on another really cool task, he wrote an amazing book called “Get It, Wake up (NOW!) to Build Your Perfect Life.

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