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Blogtalk Radio Interview; Parenting the Talent with Louise Sattler and Update with Documentary Film Maker Steven Fischer

Parenting the Talent: The first half of the show is with co-host, Louise Sattler, as she chats it up with Danette Linicomn from Linicomm Talent Agency, Texas.  I learned so much about what it takes to get kids started in the Entertainment Industry.  Danette also represents special needs kids.  Very cool!!! The second half of […]

Blogtalk Radio Interview with Rock and Roll Sensation Alan Merrill

We all know his work…now it’s time we all know his name.  Alan Merrill, musician and songwriter, wrote the SMASH HIT “I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL” made famous by Joan Jett, and more recently recorded by Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. Alan, I have to say, is a pisser!  I had so much fun chatting […]

Blogtalk Radio Interview with Children’s Entertainer, Debbie Cavalier

Debbie Cavalier keeps busy.  She is the Dean of Continuing Education at Berklee College of Music, and “Front Man” of Debbie and Friends, a musical group specializing in music for kids. “Children’s entertainer Debbie Cavalier of Debbie and Friends uses original songs to tell stories that children know and love. With the recent release […]

Blog Talk Radio interview with “West Texas Millionaire”,Dan Simonis

“The curator of Americana”.  That’s what Dan Simonis calls himself.  A northerner by birth, Dan moved to the southwest and embraced American culture and American music.  He drives a classic ’57 Cadillac with tail fins and steer horns on the front.  LOVE IT!!! I had the opportunity to chat with Dan, and what a great […]

Blog Talk Radio Interview with “For Orchestra” Founder, Walt Ribeiro

Being a musician, I love when I get the opportunity to chat with people doing new and innovative things in the industry.  Walt Ribeiro is one of those guys.  He is the CEO and Founder of ForOrchestra LLC, a company that arranges pop songs for orchestra at Wow, I wish I thought of that.  […]

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