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Blogtalk Radio Interview with Motown Daughter, Elizabeth Isley Barkley

Famous people are regular people too.  That’s what Elizabeth Isley Barkley, daughter of Motown Music Legend Rudolph Isley, wants everybody to know.  She wrote a fabulous book called “One Isley Brother’s Daughter” which is about her life and the lives of her very famous family. I had a blast chatting with Beth.  Mine is a […]

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Philly Rocker, JD Malone

JD Malone, front man of the group JD Malone and the Experts writes from the heart, sings from the heart and lives from the heart.  His new album “Avalon” brings back the true roots of Rock and Roll. I chatted with JD about all kinds of stuff including, music and family.  He is a man […]

Blogtalk Radio Interview with Franke Previte, “Dirty Dancing” Hit Songwriter

I had the time of my life chatting with Franke Previte, writer of the songs “Time of my Life” and “Hungry Eyes”, from the hit film Dirty Dancing. Franke is on a mission.  He wants to stamp out Pancreatic Cancer in honor of his friend. Patrick Swayze.  In time for Dirty Dancing’s 25th Anniversary, Franke […]

Blogtalk Radio Interview with “the Rock Doc”, musician Karen Nielsen

If you look up the work contrast in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Karen Nielsen.  She is a doctor of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and a musician who creates music that is dark and intense.  Her patients even call her Doc Rock. Karen is from NYC and is definitely a city girl. It was […]

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