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The S and M Experience with Sean Hampton and Matthew Getic

The Hollywood Comic duo, Sean Hampton and Matthew Getic of the S and M Experience, is busy at work.  They just launched their web tv series, the S and M Experience.  When asked what their show is about, they quoted “It’s Where Evil Genius Meets Mad Scientist”. I got to speak with these guys and […]

Catching up with Author and Musician, Robert Forman

You guys remember Robert Forman, author of “Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked up to Be”?  It’s been a while since we’ve chatted.  So, when we finally catch up, I find out he had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery.  Wow!!!!  His take on all of it is fascinating as well as important for all […]

Goofing off, a Necessary Evil

Did you ever notice that you do your best thinking when you are doing something other than what you are supposed to be thinking about? Goofing off, or rather, relaxing the mind is necessary to boost problem solving and productivity.  Our minds are funny that way.  We try to remember a name, place or some […]

Get Your Dose of Humor with Podcaster, Monica Hamburg

You’ve heard of people who have won the Darwin Awards, Floridiots in the news and countless other people who just do crazy, unimaginable things.   If you love this stuff, here is your place to find it all, the S&M Rants. “The S&M Rants Podcast is a weekly humor podcast where Shane Birley and Monica Hamburg […]

Interview with Audio Book Creator, Adele Park

I drive a lot and I read a lot.  When I spoke with Adele Park about, “When Radio and Polygamy Collide…Jitters, a Quirky Little Audio Book“, I couldn’t wait to listen.  Her character driven story had me running late to appointments because I didn’t want to get out of my car.  I didn’t want to […]

Interview with Anders Ericson of provides hard-to-get, premium tickets to our clients for all major worldwide, national and local events.  It is a second market ticket marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of tickets for all kinds of events. I spoke with Anders Ericson, of I Need Seats, and I have to say, what a brilliant idea.  Imagine, you […]

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