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Talking with Screenwriters Joe Alan Isham and R. Scott Daktari

Joe Alan Isham and R. Scott Daktari and screenwriters, directors and creators of a new film and tv series. Thir new film “Running From Darkness”, which was inspired by true events, expects its theatrical release in 2015.  They have written a pilot for a comedy called “Going Goth”.  It sounds hysterical and I can’t wait […]

Author and Fertility Expert, Fran Meadows Tells All

This week’s guest is author and infertility expert, Fran Meadows. Fran’s book “The Truth Behind the Secret. Infertility” is a must read for anybody have trouble conceiving. “The Truth Behind The Secret “Infertility” is a memoir that touches on the honesty of struggling to conceive, filled with raw, deep emotions with a taste of witty […]

Interview with Catherine Gray, Founder and CEO of Corp. Shorts

This week’s guest is Founder and CEO of Corp. Shorts, Catherine Gray. “Corp Shorts Video Productions and Online Video Marketing, with professional crews in more than 100 cities, specializes in creating innovative short content for online video campaigns, television, and new media technologies. Corp Shorts is the leader in developing online corporate video branding and […]

Talking to the Doctor, Dr. Wayne, That is

Wayne Gilbert, also known as Dr. Wayne is a multifaceted and very talented musician.  He has toured the world playing piano and is now back in the states. He has released his second album entitled “Teach the World”.  This album is Dr. Wayne’s second rock opera, the first is called “Rod Hammer”. Due to techicnal […]

Chatting with Rocker Extraordinaire, Joe Silva

This week’s guest is rocker, Joe Silva.  Joe has been rockin’ for years.  His music is intelligent, fun and really heartfelt. “He has a long standing history in the industry and has just released an album produced by Anton Fig (CBS Orchestra, Late Night with David Letterman).” I really enjoyed listening to Joe’s tunes, and […]

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