This Friday, July 16, I am going to have a very cool guest on Dara…On Radio; Where Regular People Do Really Cool Things, author and musician, Wendy Moore.

Wendy Moore lived the rock and roll life with KISS band member Ace Frehley.  Yes, you read this correctly, Ace Frehley.  Wendy was Ace’s personal assistant, and dare I say it, girlfriend of sorts.

Wendy wrote a book called “Into the Void…with Ace Frehley”.  Wow, what a story.  It’s a tell all about her time with Ace which starts out innocently enough but slowly she gets led into the fast pace of sex, drugs and ROCK AND ROLL.  She definitely has some story to tell, and tell it she does.

Into the Void...with Ace Frehley, by Wendy Moore

If you want to know what really went on behind the scenes of KISS’s Psycho Circus tour, tune into this Friday from 7-8 PM EST and hear it all.

Wendy also is a musician in her own right.  Her Band, Venus Envy, knows how to rock.  I am looking forward to chatting with Wendy about everything she did, and everything she is doing.   She has just published a second book called “Out of the Void” which is a revealing sequel to her first autobiography.

Wendy truly is…a Regular Person Doing Really Cool Things!

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