Blogtalk Radio Interview with Author, Documentary Film Star Gini Gentry

I love catching up with people I have previously interviewed, and I was so excited to catch up with Gini Gentry.  Gini wrote one of my favorite books called “Dreaming Down Heaven”, which is a fictional story that offers a guide for ‘awakening‘. It is an Amazon best seller!

Recently, Gini has finished a documentary style film based on the book.  The film called, “Dreaming Heaven” documents the accounts of people on their own personal journeys to awakening while visiting the sacred site Teotohuacan, Mexico (Teo, for short).  Gini’s insights are so profound, and I always feel so uplifted when I speak with her.

“DREAMING HEAVEN is the first documentary film ever to explore the 4000 year-old epicenter of spiritual transformation located in Teotihuacan, Mexico, and the mystical pyramids, altars and transformative energy that make this location one of the great pathways through time, truth and consciousness. This is the place where man awakens to God.

The Teotihuacanos built the pyramids to guide their people through the ascending levels of consciousness and 2000 years later, a handful of Toltec spirit guides remain. For the first time ever, a few of the most prominent Toltec guides invited a handpicked camera crew along to film the journey as it unfolded in real time over 5 powerful days in May.”

You can visit this link to learn more about the film:

She is hosting another trip to Teo for those interested.  What a magical place to visit.

To listen to the interview, please click the picture below.

To find out more about Gini Gentry,her books, films and everything else she is up to, please visit

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