Blues, Brews and BBQ

What’s better than great Bar-b-que, good music and a fun atmosphere.  Well, judging the good food at said location.

I got to be a judge at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek’s event called Blues, Brews and BBQ where the top 8 bar-b-que restaurants in the south Florida area competed for the glory of being the best.  What a blast!  The Seminole Casino really knows how to create a great event.

The 8 restaurants set up sampling booths with smokers, bar-b-ques, fryers and the works.  There were specialties which included beans, cole slaw, Texas toast and bar-b-que ribs.  Did I mention how good the ribs were and that they just melted in your mouth.  Some were sweet, some spicy, some smokey and some were a combination.  Hungry yet?

Need I say more

While we were sampling the diverse and amazing flavors, The Blues Brothers Soul Band was performing.  I felt like I was back in 1978.  These guys were fantastic.

Blues Brothers Soul Band

What made the evening complete was the people.  People from all over attended the event.  Some were local, some were snowbirds and some came from far away.  We ended up sharing a table with four gentlemen from Germany…good thing I speak a bit of German.

If you are looking for fun things to do, I recommend checking out the events going on at the Seminole Casino of Coconut Creek at

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  1. Sonja Joy says:

    Great Gig…..glad you got to enjoy :)

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