Catching Up with Hip Hop Artist, Troubled E

In interviewed Troubled E a while back, and he has been doing some really cool stuff.  Let’s catch up with E…

Hey E, we spoke a while back on my show.  What have you been up to since then?

Well since I spoke to you last, I have been involved with several new projects. I have written 2 more jingles. The first jingle was for a foundation
called Tunes For Tots. Tunes For Tots is partners with the Make A Wish Foundation. Basically, Tunes For Tots is a foundation full of children that make inspirational and uplifting music for people around the globe who are dealing with a rough situation. The children who are apart of this foundation are extremely talented. Some of them are only 5 years old and they are singing broadway tunes. It is amazing to see children at
such a young age using their gift to better the world. Tunes For Tots reached out to me, and I linked up with one of the main members of the
foundation. He really enjoyed the music he heard by me and was thrilled about what I stood for. I created the jingle shortly after because I was
so happy to be apart of such a great cause. When I wrote the Jingle it’s almost like the energy flowed right into my mind and the words just
came out at the same time.

The other jingle that I wrote was for a project for Independent Artists titled Fare Play. Fare Play has been designed to educate the masses
about the struggles an Independent artist faces trying to keep their career alive. It informs them about how without purchasing the artist’s music, it is very difficult for them to continue creating more music. Since the music industry has moved online, many have been downloading music instead of buying it, which has hurt sales. Fare Play explains to people that many independent artists who are just trying to make a living off of making powerful music need their fans to support them. These solo artists and bands do not have seven figure budgets that will keep them in existence.They are not living glamorous lives, and the best way a fan can show that they care about them is to buy their music. It is ironic, but I just fell into working with this project, from one of my friends who introduced me to the project leader. I have developed a friendship with the project leader, and he has shown me a great amount of support. I thought this was a great opportunity to talk to the people as well as help other independent artists who are just trying to come up and have a prosperous career by making classic music.

On top of these two jingles, I have been performing at all types of venues. Recently, I performed for a much older crowd (50- 80) where I did
freestyle-improv. Making rhymes on the spot is one of my favorite things to do and I am glad to entertain people of all ages with this skill. It was great to see people who are usually not interested in hearing the type of music I make, so into it. I did freestyles over Copa Cabana, Sweet
Home Alabama, tracks by the Beatles, and a couple of Bob Dylan’s most famous records. I pulled out my instrumental CD and spit flows over
Notorious BIG, which had a few 70 and 80 year old ladies dancing/ clapping their hands.

You are student teaching now, special Ed, right?  Tell us all about it.

I will begin student teaching next week. I have spoken to the teacher that I will be working with and we are both thrilled to meet each other. This summer I had the pleasure of working with an Autistic student, and I have also worked with several other special needs students. I really
enjoyed working with the Autistic student. I learned new techniques to help special needs students with math that I cannot wait to use in the near future. I am currently doing a great amount of tutoring for all different age groups and a variety of subjects.

You have written some kids music.  Fill us in.

Since the beginning of my music career, I always wanted to make music for children. Even when I write my lyrics I try my best to make sure a
young child can understand them. I wrote a song titled Let’s Learn All About for a children’s event I did this summer. I have been performing this record at all of the children’s events I have been doing. Just about all of the jingles that I have written have been directed towards children as well. I have some very important projects that I am currently working on that will follow up, Let’s Learn All About.

As a hip hop artist, how did you get involved with kids music?

Kids love hip hop, if you watch Sesame Street, Disney, or Nickelodeon you will hear Hip Hop music being used. I have been working with kids
for many years, and anything that has to do with kids and music I am proud to be apart of. Performing for so many age ranges of audiences I
have noticed that I enjoy performing for the children a great deal. Being an educator, I feel music is a great way to get your point across to kids
in a very fun and entertaining way. Feeling so appreciated by the kids has made me get even more involved with kids music. Seeing the effect
that my music has on the children has inspired me to write more than ever. Doing various events at schools and camps is what led my path to
kids music.

Is it hip hop for kids, or a different style?

I feel that the people will see my music as something comparable to Hip Hop for kids, but in my eyes it is a very unique style. It is very poetic,
melodic, narrative, catchy, friendly, educational, entertaining, and motivating.

How do you define your image in the children’s music market?

I see myself as a role model for the children. Sometimes it can be hard for children to find someone positive they can identify with. Some of the
characters come off unrealistic to them or they lack the charisma it takes to capture their attention. From making the mistakes I made in the
past, and learning the hard way from being stubborn, I feel I have the knowledge and courage to help kids see the bigger picture. As a child I
was not interested in education, but as I have grown older I have seen how important it is. Children will be able to see me as a positive force,
and a source of motivation that will help them learn that they can accomplish whatever they want. I have been told I have an edge to me or
somewhat of a rough side, this was developed from my passion and hunger to be heard. I am a positive warrior, who fights for what’s right. I
want to show the children it is cool to be a good person, intelligent, and unique.

Are you still writing tunes for grown ups, or primarily for kids?

I am always writing all different types of material. Since I am 25 years old, I am still experiencing situations that adults are constantly going
through. I believe this will be present in the music that I write for my next album titled Rhythm Of A Troubled Heart. However, right now I am
focused on creating kids music. That album will not be released until sometime in 2012. I still will be performing at venues that only have adults and I do have some new records that will be premiered at them.

I heard you are involved with the make a wish foundation.  In what capacity?

Through Tunes For Tots, I am connecting with the Make A Wish Foundation. As far as being apart of them directly, I am sure that will happen in the near future.

What do you want people to know about you?

I am trying to make a change, a difference.  It is not about the fame, the notoriety, or the wealth. It is about the music and what the music says to the people and the kids. I want to open up doors for other artists out there that stand for what I stand for and want to make everlasting music.  Remember I am an educator and a life long learner. I will always be educating and trying to gain more knowledge. I feel as I feed you, it is only right for you to feed me. We have to support each other in order to keep it going.

Do you have any “pearls of wisdom” you’d like to offer our audience?

All I can tell the audience is please be honest with yourself. Do not let anyone steer you away from what you know is right.

Where can people find out more about you and what you do?

You can find me on facebook

add my fan page at!/pages/Troubled-E/148397818524176 call me at 561 706 3783,

follow me on youtube at

or email me at

Thanks E, as always you are an inspiration!

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