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Florida Author, Mellissa Thomas, Talks about “Faded Diamonds”

As you know, I read A Lot!!!  When Mellissa Thomas contacted me about her book, “Faded Diamonds”, I didn’t know what to expect. “Faded Diamonds” is “An indie novel that touches on some of the deepest societal issues of our day: the broken home, absentee fathers, and the ripple effect the domestic discord has on […]

Author, Kimberly Silva, Talks “Life at the End of the Tunnel”

This week I chatted with author, Kimberly Silva.  Kim wrote a beautiful book called “Life at the end of the Tunnel” about the loss of her husband, Kevin.  She talks about her experiences of loss and grief, and how life takes you in new directions. Kim is now married to musician, Joe Silva, who was […]

Director, Composer, Author, Brian Russell

I can start off by saying that Brian Russell has been married to Cheryl Ladd for 32 years. But I won’t….wait, I just did. Brian is a 30 year veteran of the entertainment industry.  He wrote music for Elton John’s label, Rocket Records, produced movies and now he has written a fantastic book called “Scribe”.  […]

Interview with Anne Rice’s Assistant, and author, Becket

I have to say, Becket is a truly fascinating guy. He was a Benedictine monk who now travels the world with international, best selling author Anne Rice, as her assistant.  Cool! Becket is the author of two book series: “Blood Vivicanti” and “Key, the Steampunk Vampire Girl”.  So how does a guy go from a […]

Catching up with American Idol Finalist, Scott MacIntyre

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to interview American Idol finalist, Scott MacIntyre.  I was so excited to be able to catch up with him a few years later.  Needless to say, no moss has grown under his feet. He released a book “By Faith, Not by Sight”, that I can’t wait to […]

Denise Donahue of 13 Shadows, Vampire or Fabulous Musician?

I had the opportunity to catch up with lead singer of 13 Shadows, Denise Donahue.  Her music is captivating, and her story very interesting. We listened to a few of her tunes and I Loved them!  Very mood and intense. Here’s a bit of info about 13 Shadow. “13 Shadows is singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist, producer […]

Rockin’ with Richard X Heyman

I got to reconnect with rocker, Richard X Heyman and talk about his tenth album “X”.  What a fun interview.  Richie is such a mellow guy and when he sings, he blows the roof off.  I LOVE IT!!! Being that this is his tenth album, he has some story to tell.  He reminisces about the […]

Country Singer Julia Alyce Rocks the Airwaves

Wow!! What a voice.  I got to chat with country singer, Julia Alyce.  We listened to a few of her tunes, and I was blown away.  She has an incredible talent. I enjoyed interviewing Julia.  She really “gets” what it is to be a musical artist. Enjoy. Please click the picture below to listen to […]

Talking with Screenwriters Joe Alan Isham and R. Scott Daktari

Joe Alan Isham and R. Scott Daktari and screenwriters, directors and creators of a new film and tv series. Thir new film “Running From Darkness”, which was inspired by true events, expects its theatrical release in 2015.  They have written a pilot for a comedy called “Going Goth”.  It sounds hysterical and I can’t wait […]

Author and Fertility Expert, Fran Meadows Tells All

This week’s guest is author and infertility expert, Fran Meadows. Fran’s book “The Truth Behind the Secret. Infertility” is a must read for anybody have trouble conceiving. “The Truth Behind The Secret “Infertility” is a memoir that touches on the honesty of struggling to conceive, filled with raw, deep emotions with a taste of witty […]

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