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Chase Away the Winter Blues With This Animated Interview Segment Featuring Doug Jack

It’s been a long, cold winter so far.   The coldest and snowiest on record in a long time.  So, what to do to add a little warmth, heat and electricity?  Check out this animated interview with Doug Jack. Click the picture and it will take you to the you tube  video segment

Animated Interview Segment With Wendy Moore

I had the opportunity to interview Wendy Moore.  She is an author of two books:  “Into the Void with Ace Frehley” and “Out of the Void”.  In her books, and during our interview, she spoke very candidly about her life in the fast lane while she was with Ace. If you like reading and hearing […]

Do You Know What Your Dreams Mean? Ask Kelly.

I got to discuss one of my childhood dreams with Kelly. Check out this animated interview segment to hear all about it.

Short Animated Interview with Film Maker Chris Power and Actor Anthony Alviano

Enjoy this short animation of my interview with Long Pigs film maker Chris Power, and actor, Anthony Alviano.

Dara…On TV

Just announcing my new You tube channel DaraOnTV.

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