Chatting with Country Singer, Doug Briney

Doug Briney, Nashville country singer, actually got his start in Alaska.  Cool, right?

“When you think of cowboys and country music, the cold climate and frozen tundra of Alaska might just be the last place on earth that you would think of.  But, the northern-most state in America is right where up-and-coming country artist, Doug Briney’s career began.  With two nominations in the 2013 Independent Country Music Association  Awards, eight months on the Roots Music Report charts, as well as appearances at Rodeo Alaska, The Iditarod, and the Alaska State Fair, this God-fearing road warrior with the warm baritone voice and love for all things southern is now bringing his Alaskan persuasion to Music City, USA – Nashville, Tennessee. “

Doug was really interesting and a lot of fun to chat with.  Enjoy!!

Please click the picture below to listen to the interview.

Doug Briney

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  1. Sonja Joy Turetsky says:

    Dara – another great interview. Doug Briney rocked. Welcome back. Missed your broadcasts.

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