Chatting with Ryan Carroll, Producer of Legends of Oz

This week’s guests is Ryan Caroll, , Producer of “Legends of Oz” and head of Summertime Entertainment ( /

“Summertime Entertainment is a multi-media company specializing in family-friendly entertainment for film, television, digital, mobile, and other trans-media platforms. Currently, Summertime is in production on a new franchise of epic proportions — the re-vitalization of the indelible and beloved Oz world originally created by L. Frank Baum and carried on through the creative mind of his descendant, Roger Stanton Baum. Through various forms of digital worlds, online communities and a brand new stereoscopic, 3D-animated feature film, Oz will soon be brought back to life in literally new dimensions, for a whole new generation to love and cherish.

I learned so much about the animation biz chatting with Ryan.  I can’t wait to see the film which will be released May 9, 2014.

Please click the picture below to listen to the interview.

Ryan Carroll Legends of Oz

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  1. Sonja Joy Turetsky says:

    Great interview with Ryan. Can’t wait to go back to Oz.

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