Early Learning Bundle from Mead

They say education starts in the home.  Mead makes it easy with it’s Early Education products.  Check these out.

  • Learn to Letter

Learn to Letter  is a 4 step guide to practicing letters.  Not only does it take the child through visual steps of learning how to write letters, it has physical grooves in the paper for the kinesthetic learner to feel how the letters are formed.  Perfect for Pre-K through 1st grade.

Learn to Letter

  • Snip It!

These snipping and cutting activities help scissor skills, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.  These skills are important to prepare the learner for writing.  It’s also great to keep little hands busy while you are trying to cook dinner…  Perfect for Preschool-2nd grade.

Snip It!

  • Ready Space

Ready Space transitional notebook paper teaches proper spacing with it’s grid like notebook paper.  It promotes appropriate letter size and also assists the learner in math by allowing for spaces to line up the numbers.   Perfect for 1st grade and up.

RediSpace Transitional notebook paper

  • Idea Builders

Idea Builders takes the learner through the steps of creative writing.  From practicing letters and words to writing sentences with suggested ideas, Idea Builders will spark any learner’s creativity.  Perfect for Kindergarten-2nd grade.

Idea Builders

These early learning products are great as teaching tools and they are lots of fun. I tried them with my own daughter and showed them to early education teachers I work with.  There was a consensus among them.  Lots of smiles, lots of cheers and lots of “Where Can I Get These”?

Here’s the best part.  You can enter to win them.  Check out my next post for details on how you can win this Early Learning Bundle from Mead.

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