Expose Yourself; Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

Are you an exhibitionist?

Do you promote yourself and what you do everyday?  Well, here’s another chance to show what you do.

Are you a voyeur?

Do you read about and follow what others are doing?  Do you like to tell others about the cool things you’ve learned about?

This is the ultimate win/win.


Include what you do, links, videos, pics anything (please keep it clean) in comments, and then pass it along.  Facebook, twitter, linked in, my space, email.  (don’t forget to link back to www.daraonradio.com).  It’s like a chain letter.  It can go on forever-helping your business, cause, art, whatever you do.


If you prefer to help promote something you like; a cause, a business, an art, then you can pass it along.  Feel free to spread the word in a  comment, repost, link, email, Facebook, twitter, linked in, my space.  Again, it’s like a chain letter and don’t forget to link back to www.daraonradio.com

The more people involved the more exposure EVERYBODY gets.  How cool is that.

Now lets get out there and SPREAD THE LOVE!!!!

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One Response to “Expose Yourself; Exhibitionism and Voyeurism”

  1. I love to help other people :)
    It was my great pleasure to speak with dara this morning.
    Ruthie Appleby

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