Goofing off, a Necessary Evil

Did you ever notice that you do your best thinking when you are doing something other than what you are supposed to be thinking about?

Goofing off, or rather, relaxing the mind is necessary to boost problem solving and productivity.  Our minds are funny that way.  We try to remember a name, place or some other piece of trivia and “it’s on the tip of our tongues”.  It comes to us later at some unrelated time, because our mind was allowed to relax and sort through its channels, in its own time.  Hmmmmm.
I sat here yesterday and today, stressed out and completely immobilized, not knowing what action to take to begin a new course in my life.  I seek change, but also need to earn a living.  To add to my stress, standardized testing is turning my daughter’s “outside the box” thinking into a pariah of the educational system.  UGH!

I felt as if not doing anything towards a work goal was just being unproductive.  But really, how productive would I have been taking care of “business” in the state of mind I was in.  So I made a choice.  I read for a bit, then I was productive, just not for business.  I vacuumed and mopped my floors and then I proceeded to clean the black stuff off the brick around my pool.

Did I solve my problems?  Nope.  Do I feel a bit better?  Absolutely.

I have a few questions, some things to ponder….

  • What do you like to to to clear your mind?
  • While at work, what do you wish your were allowed to do during the work day to inspire you to be more productive?
  • If you were allowed to take the time to do something fun, would you?

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