I Got Slimed at the Nickelodeon Hotel


That’s right.  I did it.  I got slimed at the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, FL.  It was awesome.  Everyday, they have two “mass slimings” at the lagoon pool.  Check it out.

There are two pools/water parks at the Nick resort; the Oasis pool and the Lagoon pool.   The one featured here is the lagoon pool.  There are so many slides and activities to choose from and kids and adults can both play.  We had a blast.  The lifeguards were exceptionally attentive to everything going on.  We felt really safe.

The Lagoon Pool

The Water Park at the Lagoon Pool

It’s the simple things that I take notice of.  The smartest thing the Nick hotel did was make all the room suites.  This was so great.  My daughter and I tend to wake up before my husband, so we were able to have something to eat and hang out in the living room watching what else…Nickelodeon, without worrying about waking up daddy.

The Master Bedroom

We stayed in the Spongebob suite.  The suite consisted of a living room with kitchenette, a master bedroom with a KING sized bed, and the kid’s room decorated like Spongebob’s home town, bikini bottom.  It was complete with a really cool with bunk bed.   Of course, there was also a bathroom.  All the rooms even had a tv.

The Spongebob Room

The bunkbeds were awesome.  My daughter was so excited to sleep in the bunkbed that she wanted to go to bed all by herself-without my having to stay in the room till she fell asleep.  A real milestone for her.  THANKS SPONGEBOB!

We went to the character breakfast-which they should really call brunch.  The food was amazing and they had something for everybody.  The quality and choices rivals any top notch restaurant.  From oatmeal to eggs, fresh fruit to steak, they covered just about everything.  My favorite was the Spongebob waffles.

Reservations are necessary for the character breakfast.  When we checked in, they asked if anybody has food allergies.  So smart.  While at our table, Chris, the sous chef, came to our table to ask if he needed to cook anything special for those with allergies.  Really, what a nice touch.

Spongbob and Dora are always at the character breakfast, but a few others were there too.

Like any summer day in Florida, there were thunderstorms in the afternoon.  That didn’t stop the fun.   There is a mall area with stores, a food court, the Nick Theater and the coolest 4-D movies.  4-D is a 3-D movie with other effects such as wind, lights and even bubbles.  I love bubbles.  While it rained, we went to the 4-D movies.  We got the unlimited bracelet, so we could see as many as we wanted-as many times as we wanted.

Making silly faces at the 4-D show

By the time we were finished, it stopped raining.  It was time to hit the pool and waterpark.  The waterpark is open till 9pm, and the pool is open till 11pm.  Of course, we stayed pretty late.

Oh yeah, and I want this sky light in my house…

We had a great time!  I highly recommend the Nickelodeon Hotel and Resorts to families with kids of all ages.  For more information, you can visit www.nickhotel.com.

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  1. I LOVE your reviews! They are so well written, they tell me everything I want to know and they convince me that I want to go too. And I’m way past the Nick days! I love what you are doing! So well done!

  2. The girls are huge SpongeBob fans so this is one place we really have to go!!! They love the award show and can’t wait to see us all covered in green slime. Thanks for the review — we just moved this to the top of our trip list! :)

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