I Got to Be a Prison Bad Ass

Yes, I said it.  I got to be a prison bad ass.  It’s been going on for over a year.  Ok, here’s my story.  I do voice over work.  I’ve been doing some lip sync ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) work for a studio that dubs foreign media into English.  The biggest project I’ve been working on is for HBO Latino on a show called Capadocia.  If you remember the show Oz, it’s like the Spanish, women’s version.

So, I get called in to do the voice of La Bambi (played by the amazing Cecilia Suarez), the murderous, bad ass prisoner who runs the drugs and basically rules the prison.  When I got there, the first question I asked was “OK, who backed out that you chose me?”  I don’t sound like a rough, tough person.  The director told me to listen how she sounds.  She might use tough language, but her tone is gentle, and my accent is fairly neutral.  So we proceed to dub season 1, where poor Bambi, and poor me, eventually gets brutally killed off.  Bummer!

I get a call this summer to do more work.  The woman playing Bambi is back in season 2, but as a different character, the prison psychiatrist who is more gentle. Interesting…

This past weekend, we dubbed 7 scenes of season 2.  There were even some scenes where I got to be both characters in the same scene.  What fun I had going from cursing and screaming to mellow and professional.  What a great gig!  If you look close up at the picture, on the screen-the character in the back is La Bambi.  Any resemblance? lol

The English dubbed versions are not available yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

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