I Was Doug Jack’s First…Interview, that is

Yup, I had the honor of being Doug Jack’s first interview as an author and artist.  Of course, his list of credits before I got him is huge to say the least.

Doug is an Emmy award winning choreographer of Olympic proportions.  No,  really.  He has choreographed large stadium events which included directing thousands of people all at once.

His list of credits includes:

  • 6 Olympic games Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • 7 Super Bowl half times shows
  • 3 World Cup Soccer Events
  • 1 World Cup Cricket-
  • 1 World Cup Rugby-
  • 2 Pan American Games
  • Asian Games-
  • World Student games
  • 4 CWG Ceremonies

A total of 50 stadium events watched by 3 billion people.  Oh, and he has also been crowned Miss America!

He has a new book out called “The Back Side of Wonderful” and I loved it.  It is his autobiography of sorts, and it reads like a roller coaster ride.  It is fun, gets the tears flowing and is really interesting.  He tells stories of the events he choreographed and directed.  But, it’s not about the events.  It’s about the thousands of people who made the events what they truly were…special.

Most of all, it is electric, just like Doug.  He is such a powerhouse and you can feel his energy through his words and when I spoke with him, his electricity could “power my house”.

He recently discovered yet another talent he has, art.  What a cool guy!!!!  Our interview took place as he was setting up his art show in Vegas.  Wow, he truly is cool and exciting.

To hear the mp3 of Doug’s interview, click the play arrow

You can learn more about Doug, his book “The Back Side of Wonderful” and Doug’s art at www.dougjack.net


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3 Responses to “I Was Doug Jack’s First…Interview, that is”

  1. E Balakier says:

    WOW, what an UPBEAT interview! EXTREMELY inspirational (and total, chemistry between guest and host)!! A “DEFINITE MUST HEAR” interview for EVERYONE!!!

  2. Sonja says:

    AWESOME, SIMPLE AWESOME interview. You had me from the get-go. Doug, can’t wait to read your books. You made me smile :)

  3. Guler says:

    Yes Doug is electric!! Personable, full of life and knows how to party!I’ll never forget our good times together at the 2002 World Winter Games Opening/Closing Ceremonies of Salt Lake City.

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