Interview with Talent and Marketing Exec., Jacqueline Lisenby

Wow, I thought my days were busy.  They are nothing compared to the day of Jacqueline Lisenby.  This mover and shaker is an event coordinator, who puts together large music venues, the director of the new Status J agency and also a radio host.  Phew!!!!

I had such a blast chatting with Jacqueline.  She is such a visionary.  She is the Executive Producer of a web series, The ROW, as well as The Status Awards which will debut next year honoring emerging stars in music, film, web and theater.  In addition to the above mentioned projects, Jacqueline also produces an annual music festival and is launching her Talent Marketing Agency for entertainers.

For all you musicians, and those who just enjoy a great tune, I think you’ll dig what Jacqueline has to say!

Please click the picture below to listen to the interview.

To learn more about Jacqueline Lisenby and Status J, please visit

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