Lawrence Cummings shares “A Simple Christmas”

Triple threat, Lawrence Cummings, finished his newest project-a Christmas Album called “A Simple Christmas”.

“Lawrence Cummings is a vocal chameleon and actor of the stage and screen
who flawlessly transitions from Opera, to musical theatre, to pop/R&B and anything else he sets his sites on.

He favors us with his angelic voice singing the classic Christmas tunes we all know and love.

All talent and amazingness aside, Lawrence is a great guy.  I met him on the red eye from California to Florida.  I’m not a big fan of flying and was a bit nervous.  Lawrence was flying to Fort Lauderdale for a gig and had to get sleep.  Did he?  No.  He stayed awake and chatted with yours truly, making my flight easy and comfortable, and for that, Lawrence is the greatest!!

Enjoy, and have a happy and healthy Holiday Season!!!

please click the picture below to listen to the interview.

To Learn more about Lawrence Cummings or to order “A Simple Christmas”, please visit

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  1. Sonja Joy Turetsky says:

    So glad you met Lawrence on the red eye. The interview ‘rocked’.

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