Mom! I Want to Be a Star, Author and Kid Career Coach, Irene Dreayer

“Mom! I Want to be a Star” is the new book just released by Disney Executive Producer and Kid Career Coach, Irene Dreayer.  The book is a great read for parents and kids alike. Although it is geared towards show business, “Mom! I Want to be a Star” is a how-to plan and work book to set your kids up for success no matter what they want to do in life.

I love chatting with Irene, also known as “the Dray”.  She really knows her stuff.  She openly shares her knowledge about what it takes for your kid to make it in show business, and she also shares her knowledge with you in her book.  I recommend this read!!

Irene also offers online skype and in person coaching sessions.  You can work with her from the comfort of your own home.  Amazing!

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“Mom! I want to be a Star”, is available at as well.

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  1. Brenda Fam says:

    Love the book. Provides the information to educate parent of children that are seeking to make it in entertainment career. Simply Fam-tastic

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