Music, Test Scores and my Anti-Bullying Campaign

Education is in the news a lot lately.

So is bullying.  Cutbacks are rampant, budgets are shrinking, our kids are scoring worse on math and reading tests.

Step up, one and all, it is time for my rant.  And being that I never present a problem without a solution, my suggestions as well.

Let’s go back, way back…it’s been proven that children who study music score better on math, science and spacial relations tests.  Music and the arts are being cut down and even cut out of school programs.  When I was a kid, we were required to study music, be it chorus, band or general music.

It’s no secret that I became a musician and music educator as a profession. Colour Me Music is my music education company.

I not only teach music, but I teach learning skills through music.  I am about to make an inference (hey we learned that in math and science).   If music helps kids score better on tests and kids are scoring worse…and they aren’t getting music in schools, could it be that because music is cut, they are not scoring as well?

It has been proven that the study of music effects the growing brain in ways that nothing else does.  By cutting out music, our kids brains aren’t developing to their full potential.  Also, there are certain skills such as decision making and the breaking down of tasks and problems that are learned through the study of music.

Pride at the Piano

Music and my anti-bullying campaign

Now, let’s talk about how music and the arts helps people channel their emotions.  Songwriting, practice and listening to specific styles of music can help people cope with their emotions.  There is also a certain amount of pride in being part of an ensemble such as a band or chorus that creates something on an emotional scale.  Even the solo musician can channel emotions through the study of music.

Bullying in any fashion should never, ever be condoned!!! That being said, there are those who for what ever reason, feel the need to push others around. Both bullies or the person being bullied can benefit from the study of music.  They might even learn something from each other.

Compassion is learned through the study of music. As the saying goes, “Music Soothes the Savage Beast”.  Bullies, being part of a group creating something will learn compassion for those around him or her.  The more timid will find solace in notes that touch the heart.

Is it me, or are our students becoming “harder” because they don’t experience beauty as a part of their day.  Wake up people and put the arts back in our schools.  Maybe it will help save a life!!!!!

Remember I said I would never present a problem without a solution?  Here is my solution.  If you don’t have a music program near you, or you are unhappy with your present program, contact me, and I will help develop a music program for your community.

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