Rapper, Trent G, Rhymes for “the Big Man Upstairs”.

I spoke with Chicago rapper and hip hop artist Trent G.  The G stand for God.  This was a guy that started on the streets, living the life that was not on the right path.  As Trent got older, he rapped fiction influenced real-life facts. He ran with a bad crowd, attempting robberies, gang banging, and many more things that were negative.

Interestingly enough, Trent went on to win the title of World’s Fastest Rapper and $10,000 on “Steve Harvey’s Big Time” TV Show.

Since Trent-G was crowned World’s Fastest Rapper: Trent has appeared as a special guest on the nationally syndicated Good Morning America; twice been featured on The Donnie McClurkin Show with Pastor Donnie McClurkin; aired as a special guest on nationally syndicated Chicago radio stations WGCI 107.5FM and WPWX 92.3FM; and been written up in well over 10 Chicago newspapers.

Despite such considerable success, all was not right.  Until, Trent got his calling.  He turned his life around “for good and for God”.

“Now, his entire musical and life’s mission is to win souls for the kingdom of GOD and the greater good”.

Be on the look out for the newest, hottest, fastest AND most spiritually edifying rap on the planet with his Tate Music Group release “NO LONGER SHACKLED”!

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  1. Sonja Joy says:

    The interview left me with goose bumps. Simply fantastic!

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