Some Pearls of Wisdom from Peter Shankman

I first discovered Peter Shankman a few years ago when I was learning about PR and marketing.  I read his book called “Can We do That?  Outrageous PR Stunts that Work-and Why Your Company Needs Them“.  What a revelation.  He shares his experiences and ideas openly and offers so many solutions for entrepreneurs.

Everybody knows Peter.  If they don’t know Peter, than they know about some of the cool and exciting things he has done.  Perhaps he is best known for HARO.  Haro stands for Help a Reporter Out,  It is a place where journalists post queries for specific stories and we, as sources answer with specific replies.  It’s a great source for free PR.  As Peter best states, “Everybody has a voice on HARO”.  Even my accountant knows what HARO is.

Peter is a social media guru, and shares his wealth of knowledge with everybody.  Much appreciated Peter!  His new book “Customer Service, New Rules for a Social Media World”  just came out.  I can’t wait to read it.

He is a guy who has done just about everything.  From skydiving to the Ironman triathalon to marketing and social media, Peter shares his views, his knowledge and the occasional ache and pain.

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