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The Power of the Voice, interview with Lisbeth Hultmann

Being a person who earns a living with her voice, I was very excited to speak with Lisbeth Hultmann, author of “the Power of the Voice”.  Lisbeth is an opera singer who crafted a book not about singing, but about the voice.  Everyone’s voice and how to know it well. “The voice reveals the body’s […]

Florida Author, Mellissa Thomas, Talks about “Faded Diamonds”

As you know, I read A Lot!!!  When Mellissa Thomas contacted me about her book, “Faded Diamonds”, I didn’t know what to expect. “Faded Diamonds” is “An indie novel that touches on some of the deepest societal issues of our day: the broken home, absentee fathers, and the ripple effect the domestic discord has on […]

Director, Composer, Author, Brian Russell

I can start off by saying that Brian Russell has been married to Cheryl Ladd for 32 years. But I won’t….wait, I just did. Brian is a 30 year veteran of the entertainment industry.  He wrote music for Elton John’s label, Rocket Records, produced movies and now he has written a fantastic book called “Scribe”.  […]

Interview with Anne Rice’s Assistant, and author, Becket

I have to say, Becket is a truly fascinating guy. He was a Benedictine monk who now travels the world with international, best selling author Anne Rice, as her assistant.  Cool! Becket is the author of two book series: “Blood Vivicanti” and “Key, the Steampunk Vampire Girl”.  So how does a guy go from a […]

Catching up with American Idol Finalist, Scott MacIntyre

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to interview American Idol finalist, Scott MacIntyre.  I was so excited to be able to catch up with him a few years later.  Needless to say, no moss has grown under his feet. He released a book “By Faith, Not by Sight”, that I can’t wait to […]

Amazing Lion Rescues

As a kid, I got excited about the circus. All the acrobats, the ring master and of course, the animals.  As I got older, I learned that all is not what it appeared to be when it came to the circus.  The animals were not always treated well, and often times suffered horrible abuses at […]

Denise Donahue of 13 Shadows, Vampire or Fabulous Musician?

I had the opportunity to catch up with lead singer of 13 Shadows, Denise Donahue.  Her music is captivating, and her story very interesting. We listened to a few of her tunes and I Loved them!  Very mood and intense. Here’s a bit of info about 13 Shadow. “13 Shadows is singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist, producer […]

Rockin’ with Richard X Heyman

I got to reconnect with rocker, Richard X Heyman and talk about his tenth album “X”.  What a fun interview.  Richie is such a mellow guy and when he sings, he blows the roof off.  I LOVE IT!!! Being that this is his tenth album, he has some story to tell.  He reminisces about the […]

Country Singer Julia Alyce Rocks the Airwaves

Wow!! What a voice.  I got to chat with country singer, Julia Alyce.  We listened to a few of her tunes, and I was blown away.  She has an incredible talent. I enjoyed interviewing Julia.  She really “gets” what it is to be a musical artist. Enjoy. Please click the picture below to listen to […]

Talking with Screenwriters Joe Alan Isham and R. Scott Daktari

Joe Alan Isham and R. Scott Daktari and screenwriters, directors and creators of a new film and tv series. Thir new film “Running From Darkness”, which was inspired by true events, expects its theatrical release in 2015.  They have written a pilot for a comedy called “Going Goth”.  It sounds hysterical and I can’t wait […]

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