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Catching up with Actor, Adrian Bustamante

Up and coming actor, Adrian Bustamante has been very busy lately.  He is presently working on a few web projects as well as a show on the sci fy channel.  His credits are long and he as worked with many big named actors.  Adrian has been in films such as “Red Tails” and “Beast, and […]

Interview with Disney Executive Producer and Kid Career Coach, Irene Dreayer

“Irene Dreayer (The Dray,) author the upcoming book “Mom! I Want To Be A Star”, and founder of The Dray Way (http;// coaching kids from all over the world via Skype. “Irene Dreayer (The Dray) is Hollywood’s #1 kid talent expert and trusted career coach for kid talent. She’s a 30-year veteran of family programming […]

“Ask Mama”, JoAnn Bromley

“Ask Mama” an Inspirational Comedy show with a twist! An interactive one woman show that offers life lessons and sometimes a good metaphorical slap upside the head! JoAnn Bromley creates a larger than life Italian mama that combines wit, wisdom and startling observances.  The show is filled with stories and anecdotes of living, loving and […]

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Louise Sattler, Parenting the Talent

Louise and I are part of the same group called 411 Voices,  We share lots of ideas and information.  I had the fantastic opportunity to interview her on my show because her daughter, Natasha, is a working actress ( I got to learn about the unique perspective a parent has when their child goes […]

Interview with CJ Fam, She’s No Ordinary Pop Star

I got to speak with 11 year old singing powerhouse CJ Fam. What a great time I had, and what a talented girl she is. CJ has been singing since she’s 7 and wrote her own song “Ordinary Pop Star” which has had over 1 million views on You Tube. I got to learn about […]

Actor Alan Delabie Directs New Film, 8 Hour

You guys remember that dreamy French actor Alan Delabie?  Well, not only is he an actor and martial artist, he is also a director. Check out this video of his latest film 8 hour. click on the picture to see the video Enjoy!!!

French Actor, Alan Delabie, Wants his American Dream

I had the opportunity to speak with French actor, martial artist, musician Alan Delabie. Alan was very charismatic and fun to talk to. He is an actor who has something for everybody.

Zombies, martial arts and music…oh my!

I have a really cool opportunity of speaking with an up and coming French actor/martial artist/musician named Alan Delabie.

Short Animated Interview with Film Maker Chris Power and Actor Anthony Alviano

Enjoy this short animation of my interview with Long Pigs film maker Chris Power, and actor, Anthony Alviano.

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