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Author, Kimberly Silva, Talks “Life at the End of the Tunnel”

This week I chatted with author, Kimberly Silva.  Kim wrote a beautiful book called “Life at the end of the Tunnel” about the loss of her husband, Kevin.  She talks about her experiences of loss and grief, and how life takes you in new directions. Kim is now married to musician, Joe Silva, who was […]

Catching up with Musical Alchemist, Philippo Franchini

There are few things i enjoy more than talking about music with another musician. People take music to all different levels and offer something unique.  Philippo Franchini is a musical alchemist who combines musical styles such as blues, classical, eastern music and mediation to bring beauty and light into the world. I got to catch […]

Blogtalk Radio Interview with Author, Documentary Film Star Gini Gentry

I love catching up with people I have previously interviewed, and I was so excited to catch up with Gini Gentry.  Gini wrote one of my favorite books called “Dreaming Down Heaven”, which is a fictional story that offers a guide for ‘awakening‘. It is an Amazon best seller! Recently, Gini has finished a documentary […]

Blogtalk Radio Interview with Motown Daughter, Elizabeth Isley Barkley

Famous people are regular people too.  That’s what Elizabeth Isley Barkley, daughter of Motown Music Legend Rudolph Isley, wants everybody to know.  She wrote a fabulous book called “One Isley Brother’s Daughter” which is about her life and the lives of her very famous family. I had a blast chatting with Beth.  Mine is a […]

I Was Doug Jack’s First…Interview, that is

Yup, I had the honor of being Doug Jack’s first interview as an author and artist.  Of course, his list of credits before I got him is huge to say the least. Doug is an Emmy award winning choreographer of Olympic proportions.  No,  really.  He has choreographed large stadium events which included directing thousands of […]

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