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Author, Kimberly Silva, Talks “Life at the End of the Tunnel”

This week I chatted with author, Kimberly Silva.  Kim wrote a beautiful book called “Life at the end of the Tunnel” about the loss of her husband, Kevin.  She talks about her experiences of loss and grief, and how life takes you in new directions. Kim is now married to musician, Joe Silva, who was […]

Musician, Entertainment Lawyer, Author-Ryan George Kittleman

Ryan George Kittleman has a great “author name”.   Can’t you hear the commercials; “The new book by Ryan George Kittleman”. Anyway, he’s written it.  His novel is called “The Great Peace” and it is about what Ryan knows best, the arts and entertainment business. Ryan’s roots are in music and also entertainment law.  It was […]

From Heartbreak to Happiness with Author, Aurora Winter

Aurora Winter has some story to tell.  Her husband suddenly died when he was only 33.  She was shocked, heartbroken and the mother of a 4 year old.  She took this experience and wrote a diary, “From Heartbreak to Happiness”  where she documented her journey of this difficult time. Aurora is a certified grief coach […]

Talking “Jazz for the Soul” with Author and Musician Robert Forman

I spoke with author, Robert Forman, a while ago about his book, Enlightenment Ain’t What it’s Cracked Up to Be”.  We had so much fun that Robert came back to chat again. This time we spoke about life, music and “Jazz for the Soul”, the idea about how life is much like a jazz tune-always […]

Chatting about the Law of Attraction with Author, Andrea Mathews

What a great read, “the Law of Attraction, the Soul’s Answer to Why it isn’t Working and How it Can“.  I loved this book.  It answered so many questions.  Chatting with the author, Andrea Mathews was even better. Andrea is a therapist, author, public speaker and all around cool person.  I had a blast chatting […]

Double Feature: Parenting the Talent with Louise Sattler; and interview with 8 time Oprah Guest, Sharyn Wolf

Today’s show is a double feature. We start off with Louise Sattler with “Parenting the Talent”.  Louise, the mother of actress Natasha Sattler, interviews Susan Ferris, of the Bohemia Group.  Louise and Susan chat about what a takes to be the parent of actors and actresses.  What a great listen.  I really learned a lot […]

Interview with Jay Charness, author of “Get It! Wake Up (NOW!) to Build Your Perfect Life”

I got to speak again with Jay Charness, developer of stranger awareness programs for women and children. He’s taken on another really cool task, he wrote an amazing book called “Get It, Wake up (NOW!) to Build Your Perfect Life.

Up Close and Personal with Musician, Author and Philanthropist, Peter Buffett

I had the opportunity to chat with Peter, and what a great guy he is. He is a composer and musician, and his music can be heard in such films as Oscar award winner “Dances With Wolves” and on the original MTV tags. He has put out 15 albums over the years, mostly instrumental, but he has recently launched himself into the world of vocal music

Walking Through Illusion with Betsy Otter Thompson

What a great time I had chatting with author Betsy Otter Thompson. She wrote a book called “Walking Through Illusion”. I read this book and I must say, it is life changing and assists the reader in reflecting on his or her own life.

Some Pearls of Wisdom from Peter Shankman

I first discovered Peter Shankman a few years ago when I was learning about PR and marketing.  I read his book called “Can We do That?  Outrageous PR Stunts that Work-and Why Your Company Needs Them“.  What a revelation.  He shares his experiences and ideas openly and offers so many solutions for entrepreneurs. Everybody knows […]

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