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Up Close and Personal with Musician, Author and Philanthropist, Peter Buffett

I had the opportunity to chat with Peter, and what a great guy he is. He is a composer and musician, and his music can be heard in such films as Oscar award winner “Dances With Wolves” and on the original MTV tags. He has put out 15 albums over the years, mostly instrumental, but he has recently launched himself into the world of vocal music

What kind of “talker” are you?

Most of us have seen the hit tv show Seinfeld. Many times there were characters in an episode that had a particular and peculiar talking style. There was a close talker who invaded your personal space, a low talker who spoke barely above a whisper and a high talker who was a man that sounded like a woman.

Communication vs. Conversation

If I were to define communication, it would be the conveying of information or ideas from one person to another.  Conversation on the other hand is more of a dance, a give and take between two people, adding emotion into the mix.  It is also usually done using our voices, but technology seems to be […]

Talk Tips

As I have been developing my show, my image and my place, the one question I have been consistently asked is “what are you an expert in?”  I am a musician, an educator, a show host, a mom, a wife, a blogger and countless other things.  Well, through my years of teaching, curriculum development and […]

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