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What did you major in?

We are coming close to graduation time, especially for our college students.  It’s tough out there right now, especially for new graduates. What did you major in? Chances are you majored in a subject that you liked, hoping to get some sort of job upon graduation.  If you majored in the arts, such as music […]

Expose Yourself; Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

Do you promote yourself and what you do everyday? Well, here’s another chance to show what you do.

Interview with Mike Michalowicz: The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

What in the world is a Toilet Paper Entrepreneur? Economy got you down?  Tired of working a dead end job?  Feeling like it’s time to do your own thing? If you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur, now is the time.  If you need great information on how to do it, Mike Michalowicz in the man […]

Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Michael Gerber, the author of the “E Myth” series of books will be joining me today on Dara On Radio; Where Regular People Do Really Cool Things 7-8 PM EST

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