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Interview with Scott Morgan, “the Sexiest Screen Writer Alive”.

Yup, I got to chat with the sexiest screen writer alive. How cool is that?

Screenwriter/Director Scott Morgan’s Hollywood credits include being hired to write the coveted screenplay for the Nobel Family about their family saga. He has won awards for his directing talents, and has worked with Hollywood’s best.

Film and TV actor, Adrian Bustamante

I enjoy catching up with prior guests of the show, especially when they make me smile early in the day.  That’s what Adrian Bustamante does, makes me smile. He’s fairly new to the game and doing so well.  I’m so glad for him.  He recently had a gig on the soap “the Bold and the […]

2013 Academy Awards with Hollywood Reporter, Kristyn Burtt

The 2013 Oscars were the highest rated yet!!!  Controversial or not, they got us talking. I got to chat about the Academy Awards with someone who was there, Hollywood Reporter, Kristyn Burtt.  Kristyn is a bit of a regular on the show…and I love chatting with her. Want everything Oscar???? Give a listen and enjoy! […]

Screen Actor’s Guild Awards with Hollywood Reporter, Kristyn Burtt

Now officially a regular on the show, Hollywood reporter, Kristyn Burtt dishes on the 2013 SAG awards…..Enjoy! To listen to the interview, please click on the picture below. You can find Kristyn and all she does at THE LAW OFFICES OF DANIEL S. POLLEY, P.A Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law 7251 W. Palmetto Park […]

Hollywood Reporter Dishes about the 2013 Golden Globes

Yup, she’s back.  Hollywood reportyer Kristyn Burtt chats with me about the 2013 Golden Globes….need I say more except, enjoy!!! please click picture to listen to interview To learn more about Kristyn Burtt, please visit THE LAW OFFICES OF DANIEL S. POLLEY, P.A Patent, Trademark & Copyright Law 7251 W. Palmetto Park Rd., Suite […]

Mom! I Want to Be a Star, Author and Kid Career Coach, Irene Dreayer

“Mom! I Want to be a Star” is the new book just released by Disney Executive Producer and Kid Career Coach, Irene Dreayer.  The book is a great read for parents and kids alike. Although it is geared towards show business, “Mom! I Want to be a Star” is a how-to plan and work book […]

Actress Joan Benedict Steiger talks about the Golden Age of Hollywood

Joan Benedict Steiger, star of stage, screen and television, is just full of life and love.  She  has been married to such famous men as Rod Steiger, and her stories kept me on the edge of my seat. “Decades of work on stage, screen, and television and the love of three devoted men sounds like […]

Dishing About the Emmy’s with Hollywood Reporter, Kristyn Burtt

Back by popular demand, Hollywood reporter, Kristyn Burtt joins me on the air.  We got to chat about the recent 2012 Emmy awards, and all the behind the scenes fun.  We spoke about the gifting suite, after parties, and yes….a little gossip. Enjoy! Please click the picture below to listen to the interview To learn […]

Catching up with Actor, Adrian Bustamante

Up and coming actor, Adrian Bustamante has been very busy lately.  He is presently working on a few web projects as well as a show on the sci fy channel.  His credits are long and he as worked with many big named actors.  Adrian has been in films such as “Red Tails” and “Beast, and […]

Screenwriter and Actress, Natasha Sattler in a New TV Pilot, Orders UP

Natasha Sattler, the fabulous redhead who has worked it television since she was a young girl, has just finished up her latest endeavor, a TV Pilot called “Orders UP”.  This character driven show takes place in a restaurant and is about all the things that go on.  She has me intrigued.  I can’t wait to […]

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