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Detour, Not Your Mother’s Musical

I send this out to all of you “women of a certain age”.  There’s a new musical in town-in Orlando Florida, at the Fringe Festival, starting May 17, 2013. I got a chance to chat with Rachel Wright and Sarah Cowie, the co-writers, producer and director of Detour, and a few of the cast members.  […]

Getting “Disenchanted” with Fiely Matias and Dennis Giacino

This week’s guests is Fiely Matias, Director of “Disenchanted” and it’s creator Dennis Giacino.  Disenchanted is “The hippest, hottest new musical in the country!”. “DISENCHANTED!’, the smash hit new musical about angry princesses desperate to wrestle their lives back from today’s pop culture. It’s a fun-loving, hilarious musical revue proving that happily-ever-after can be a […]

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