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Pearls of Wisdom From Avante Garde Violinist, Paulina Derbez

Paulina Derbez is a wonderful violinist who not only plays and composes, but created her own business model, which is something I advocate to all of my students and anybody who is engaging in an artistic endeavor.  Here are the pearls of wisdom she shared with me. 1. What inspired you to create Calling Our […]

Chatting with Singer Songwriter, Steve Katz

This weeks guest is New York based singer, songwriter, Steve Katz. “Steve just released his first EP-Barricades .He recently got signed by an indie label based in New York and he’s also in the mix for a 2013 Grammy nomination in the “Best New Artist” category.” Being a fellow musician and songwriter, I am really […]

Sibling Rivalry Rocks the Bitter End

I love these guys.  This brother-sister duet really knows how to rock it! Check out this behind the scenes video of the rehearsal and performance at New York’s iconic Bitter End. Enjoy!! click the picture below to watch the video.

Musician, Entertainment Lawyer, Author-Ryan George Kittleman

Ryan George Kittleman has a great “author name”.   Can’t you hear the commercials; “The new book by Ryan George Kittleman”. Anyway, he’s written it.  His novel is called “The Great Peace” and it is about what Ryan knows best, the arts and entertainment business. Ryan’s roots are in music and also entertainment law.  It was […]

Interview with Musician, Matt Berman, of Matt and the City Limits

Move over John Mayer and Michael Buble, there’s a new band in town.  Matt and the City Limits, a jazz style pop band from NYC, has a fresh sound melded with our favorites.  I had the opportunity to speak with front man, singer/saxophone player, Matt Berman.  What a talented guy!!!! “Although Matt Berman is only […]

Interview with Pop sensation, Justin of “Justin and Alina”

There is No Rivalry between these Siblings. A while back I interviewed Karen High of the Project Matters,, and New Jersey based organization that ” provides aspiring young artists with a variety of assistance including financial, business, technical, legal, educational and emotional support”. One of the artistic groups from the Project Matters is Justin […]

Talking Music with Recording Artist, Gabrielle Aimee

I had the opportunity to chat with recording artist, Gabrielle Aimee (pronounced Emay) Interestingly enough, we both hail from the same hometown and even went to the same college-but we never met. We talked about music, life and even listened to a few tracks from her self-titled album.  Her voice is gorgeous and her tunes […]

The Project Matters, with Karen High

I spoke with Karen High, the Executive Director of The Project Matters, took one of life’s tragedies and turned it into “a work of art”.  Her organization, The Project Matters”, is raising money to help young musicians in the NJ area realize their dreams. “The Project Matters has been established in the memory and honor […]

Blog Talk Radio interview with “West Texas Millionaire”,Dan Simonis

“The curator of Americana”.  That’s what Dan Simonis calls himself.  A northerner by birth, Dan moved to the southwest and embraced American culture and American music.  He drives a classic ’57 Cadillac with tail fins and steer horns on the front.  LOVE IT!!! I had the opportunity to chat with Dan, and what a great […]

Blog Talk Radio Interview with “For Orchestra” Founder, Walt Ribeiro

Being a musician, I love when I get the opportunity to chat with people doing new and innovative things in the industry.  Walt Ribeiro is one of those guys.  He is the CEO and Founder of ForOrchestra LLC, a company that arranges pop songs for orchestra at Wow, I wish I thought of that.  […]

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