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It’s always funny to talk about poop!!!

Seriously, did you notice that conversations always revert to poop?  Well, This week’s guests co-authors Heidi Willis and Jane Gari.  Jane and Heidi wrote the book, “Flush This Book:  True Tales of Bodily Malfunctions.  They not only talk sh*t, they make it really funny- so funny that while I was reading their book at Starbucks, […]

Shooting the Sh*t with the Founder of the World Toilet Organization

That’s right, I said it.  No, not sh*t…TOILET. Believe it or not, there is a toilet crisis going on in the world.  Millions of people are living without toilets, or any means of sanitation.  In many cultures, talking about toilets and the use thereof, is almost taboo.  People are doing their business outside because for […]

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