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Blogtalk Radio Interview with Motown Daughter, Elizabeth Isley Barkley

Famous people are regular people too.  That’s what Elizabeth Isley Barkley, daughter of Motown Music Legend Rudolph Isley, wants everybody to know.  She wrote a fabulous book called “One Isley Brother’s Daughter” which is about her life and the lives of her very famous family. I had a blast chatting with Beth.  Mine is a […]

Win More Stuff: Mead Early Learn Bundle.

Here’s another chance to win cool stuff from Mead.  This time, it’s an EARLY LEARNING BUNDLE.  If you have little ones, teach or know someone with young kids, these products are perfect! I also love contests where you have more than one chance to win.  So, here’s the deal.  You can enter this contest more […]

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