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What Happens if I…

Did you ever ask yourself that question?  What happens if I…?  We all do, and have. Author, Betsy Otter Thompson too that question one step further.  She wrote a book answering that and many other questions in this very helpful guide named just that, “What Happens if I”? I got to speak with Betsy about […]

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Many of us, do I dare say it, have approached “middle age”.  Some gracefully, some reluctantly, some with the attitude of BRING IT ON! As they say, 40 is the new 30.  Many people are re-evaluating their careers, their lives, their happiness.  Are you doing what you originally set out to do?  Are you close […]

Walking Through Illusion with Betsy Otter Thompson

What a great time I had chatting with author Betsy Otter Thompson. She wrote a book called “Walking Through Illusion”. I read this book and I must say, it is life changing and assists the reader in reflecting on his or her own life.

Dreaming Down Heaven with author, Gini Gentry

I read a lot-a book every 2 weeks or so. I recently read a book called “Dreaming Down Heaven”, by best selling author Gini Gentry.  What a beautiful and fun read.  It’s one of my favorite books and I recommend it to anyone!!!!  “Dreaming Down Heaven” is” “An up-to-date version of the truth-seeking hero’s journey. […]

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