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Canadian Country Singer, Chelsea Crites, Chats it Up

This week’s interview is with Canadian Country Singer, Chelsea Crites. he is currently signed with Shoreline Records and has been the sensation of multiple newspapers from several Canadian cities such as ​Brampton, St. Catharines, Toronto and Guelph and also from Nashville TN in the U.S. I had a blast chatting with Chelsea.  Enjoy!! To learn […]

All About Songwriting with Alex Forbes

This week’s guest is Alex Forbes. who teaches songwriting at NYU.  Being an NYU alumnus, I am so psyched to chat with Alex.  As a musician, this is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. Alex has written many hit songs over the years.  She has also been coaching groups and individuals in […]

Chatting with Singer Songwriter, Steve Katz

This weeks guest is New York based singer, songwriter, Steve Katz. “Steve just released his first EP-Barricades .He recently got signed by an indie label based in New York and he’s also in the mix for a 2013 Grammy nomination in the “Best New Artist” category.” Being a fellow musician and songwriter, I am really […]

Talking Music with Recording Artist, Gabrielle Aimee

I had the opportunity to chat with recording artist, Gabrielle Aimee (pronounced Emay) Interestingly enough, we both hail from the same hometown and even went to the same college-but we never met. We talked about music, life and even listened to a few tracks from her self-titled album.  Her voice is gorgeous and her tunes […]

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Musician/Composer Richard X. Heyman

Speaking to musician/composer, Richard Heyman, brought me back to my New York roots.  His new release Tiers/And Other Stories is a collection of music that tells his story, about life, love and other “musings”. He composes using so many different musical styles and his singing voice is very sweet and easy to listen to.  I […]

Interview with CJ Fam, She’s No Ordinary Pop Star

I got to speak with 11 year old singing powerhouse CJ Fam. What a great time I had, and what a talented girl she is. CJ has been singing since she’s 7 and wrote her own song “Ordinary Pop Star” which has had over 1 million views on You Tube. I got to learn about […]

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