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Chatting With Film, TV and Games Composer, Jongnic Bontemps

I’ve known today’s guest since he was in High School.  As a matter of fact, I recorded his band back then. Now he is all grown up and composing music for film.  I feel like a proud mom.  So excited to chat with my friend Jongnic Bontemps!!! “Jongnic worked on over 40 projects in film, […]

Comedy Writer and Author Steve Bluestein Checks in for a Laugh

This week’s guest is comedy writer and author, Steve Bluestein.  His book “It’s So Hard to Type with a Gun in my Mouth” is laugh out loud hysterical. I’ve chatted with Steve before, and I tell you, he’s a funny guy who has been in show biz for years.  Tune in to learn about the […]

Catching up with Actor, Adrian Bustamante

Up and coming actor, Adrian Bustamante has been very busy lately.  He is presently working on a few web projects as well as a show on the sci fy channel.  His credits are long and he as worked with many big named actors.  Adrian has been in films such as “Red Tails” and “Beast, and […]

Screenwriter and Actress, Natasha Sattler in a New TV Pilot, Orders UP

Natasha Sattler, the fabulous redhead who has worked it television since she was a young girl, has just finished up her latest endeavor, a TV Pilot called “Orders UP”.  This character driven show takes place in a restaurant and is about all the things that go on.  She has me intrigued.  I can’t wait to […]

Interview with Music Industry Expert, John Latimer

Being a musician and in the biz for 2 decades, I was so excited to chat with John Latimer. “As a songwriter, entrepreneur and music business professional, John Latimer has over 25 years experience in various aspects of the entertainment and music industry including Talent Buying, Booking, Event and Concert Promotion, Artist Development, Record Label Ownership, […]

The S and M Experience with Sean Hampton and Matthew Getic

The Hollywood Comic duo, Sean Hampton and Matthew Getic of the S and M Experience, is busy at work.  They just launched their web tv series, the S and M Experience.  When asked what their show is about, they quoted “It’s Where Evil Genius Meets Mad Scientist”. I got to speak with these guys and […]

Brooke Lewis, Actress, Life Coach, Role Model…Vampire?

I had so much fun chatting with Brooke Lewis.  Wow, she’s done it all.  She is an actress best known as a “scream queen” in the horror genre.  But Brooke wanted more.  She wanted meaning in what she was doing.  So, she took one of her characters, Ms. Vampy, and created “Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk, […]

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Actress Natasha Sattler

Life is fun and I love trying new things.  In addition to the audio podcasts, I am new hosting a new show on, as part of a great group of ladies I work with called 411 Voices, My first guest on blogtalk was actress, Natasha Sattler.  She has been on tv, film and […]

French Actor, Alan Delabie, Wants his American Dream

I had the opportunity to speak with French actor, martial artist, musician Alan Delabie. Alan was very charismatic and fun to talk to. He is an actor who has something for everybody.

Successful First Season

Wow, what a successful first season of Dara…On Radio; Where Regular People Do Really Cool Things.

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