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A Different Tree is a Captivating Indie Film Made by an Incredible Crew

Indie Film Maker Team, Jongnic Bontemps (composer), Steven Caple (director) and Victoria Rose (writer) chatted with me about their new film, “A Different Tree”. “A “Different Tree” tells the story of one eight year old girl’s journey to build a relationship with her absent father, through a class assigned family tree.” I watched this short […]

Chatting With Film, TV and Games Composer, Jongnic Bontemps

I’ve known today’s guest since he was in High School.  As a matter of fact, I recorded his band back then. Now he is all grown up and composing music for film.  I feel like a proud mom.  So excited to chat with my friend Jongnic Bontemps!!! “Jongnic worked on over 40 projects in film, […]

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