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Pearls of Wisdom From Avante Garde Violinist, Paulina Derbez

Paulina Derbez is a wonderful violinist who not only plays and composes, but created her own business model, which is something I advocate to all of my students and anybody who is engaging in an artistic endeavor.  Here are the pearls of wisdom she shared with me. 1. What inspired you to create Calling Our […]

Violinist Paulina Derbez Shares her Wisdom

Being a musician, I was so excited to chat with Paulina Derbez.  Her CD “Calling Our Ancestors” is a musical and spiritual journey.  Her performance “Shika” is very interesting and joins music, voice and choreography. I can’t wait for her book “The Conscious Musician” is in Spanish, and I am eager to read it in […]

Blogging the “Breeze”

Very often I find myself calling friends and acquaintances just to say hi or shoot the breeze. Today, I am going to try something new. Sort of like a newsletter that you get at the holidays, but not as cliche’. I am going to blog my “breeze”.

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