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The Power of the Voice, interview with Lisbeth Hultmann

Being a person who earns a living with her voice, I was very excited to speak with Lisbeth Hultmann, author of “the Power of the Voice”.  Lisbeth is an opera singer who crafted a book not about singing, but about the voice.  Everyone’s voice and how to know it well. “The voice reveals the body’s […]

Violinist Paulina Derbez Shares her Wisdom

Being a musician, I was so excited to chat with Paulina Derbez.  Her CD “Calling Our Ancestors” is a musical and spiritual journey.  Her performance “Shika” is very interesting and joins music, voice and choreography. I can’t wait for her book “The Conscious Musician” is in Spanish, and I am eager to read it in […]

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