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Catching up with Musical Alchemist, Philippo Franchini

There are few things i enjoy more than talking about music with another musician. People take music to all different levels and offer something unique.  Philippo Franchini is a musical alchemist who combines musical styles such as blues, classical, eastern music and mediation to bring beauty and light into the world. I got to catch […]

Happy Birthday to my Friend Philippo Franchini

I had the unique opportunity to interview Philippo Franchini. It was a great experience speaking with him musician to musician while at the same time learning about Nada Yoga. I got to “wear my morning mellow” while we chatted.  He truly is a Rock and Roll Yogi! Magic & Grace was informed by Franchini’s studies […]

Tis the Season to Mellow Out With Philippo Franchini

Well, if you are in the need to mellow out, give a listen. I had the opportunity to interview Philippo Franchini, a world renowned musician/composer who is a pioneer in bringing Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, to western cultures. He is also a Yogi with a bit of rock star mixed in.

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