Test Driving the 2011 Ford Fusion Sport

The 2011 Ford Fusion Sport-a family car with muscle.

I had the opportunity to spend a few weeks test driving the 2011 Ford Fusion Sport.  If you like cars, good scenery…and me, check out this video.


click on the picture to see the video of the 2011 Ford Fusion Sport.

2011 Ford Fusion Sport

For more information on the 2011 Ford Fusion Sport, please visit www.ford.com

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7 Responses to “Test Driving the 2011 Ford Fusion Sport”

  1. Louise says:

    WOW- excellent video. The car looks ultra cool- thanks

  2. Mindy says:

    Great Job Dara! I think I want to go drive one now :)

  3. E Balakier says:

    What An AWESOME video! I like how the video is done from your perspective and your personal experience with the car and how it made you feel. I am going for a test drive this coming weekend. I never thought to consider the Fusion before, but lately I have been hearing how it is giving the Toyota Camry (I have been leasing Camry’s, one after another for YEARS now) some serious competition. Now I can’t wait to feel the car for myself! TY 4 this post!!!

  4. Dynan says:

    You & this car rocks, girl…Awesome job, Dara

  5. iman says:

    loved the entire commercial especially Olivia in the back seat. well thought out commercial. music was real cool. dara is their anything you cant do? you are so creative.

  6. Sonja Joy says:

    Love the commercial. Makes me want to go out and buy a brand new Ford ASAP……

  7. Teluria says:

    Dara, how cool is this car!!! Love the commercial especially the way that you, as a consumer, talk about the car from your own perspective. I feel like trading my minivan into this brand new Ford. Oh, and I want it in blue too. 😉 Thank you for sharing. Awesome job!!

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