The Power of the Voice, interview with Lisbeth Hultmann

Being a person who earns a living with her voice, I was very excited to speak with Lisbeth Hultmann, author of “the Power of the Voice”.  Lisbeth is an opera singer who crafted a book not about singing, but about the voice.  Everyone’s voice and how to know it well.

“The voice reveals the body’s secrets—but it is also a tool with which we can resolve our obstacles.  Everything we forget, our body remembers. And everything the body remembers is reflected in the voice. Our conscious mind reacts to words, but our emotions react to the voice. Words can lie, but the voice never lies. The voice closes the deal—or bungles it for us and therefore it can be of great help to be conscious about our own voice and the signals it reflects. The Power of the Voice offers you the tools to understand which kind of Voice Type you are, which advantages and disadvantages it gives you, and how to work with it.”

It was truly enlightening speaking with Lisbeth.  Enjoy!

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  1. Sonja Joy Turetsky says:

    Interesting concept. Loved listening to this broadcast.

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