The Project Matters, with Karen High

I spoke with Karen High, the Executive Director of The Project Matters, took one of life’s tragedies and turned it into “a work of art”.  Her organization, The Project Matters”, is raising money to help young musicians in the NJ area realize their dreams.

“The Project Matters has been established in the memory and honor of Benjamin High, founder of his band Green Arrows. The foundation believes in the importance of music and how it benefits our society. It endeavors to further the creation of music, with an emphasis on aspiring musicians aged 21 years and younger. The goal is to empower and encourage them to attain their creative potential. Through The Project Matters, these artists will be offered a variety of assistance including, but not limited to, funding, business, technical, legal, educational and/or emotional support.”

Karen is doing so much to help young musicians.  I really enjoyed chatting with her.

To listen to the interview, click the picture below.

To learn more about the Project Matters, or to donate, please visit

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